Beads For Jewelry

Metal Beads

Metal beads come in 4 main styles. Sterling silver, gold filled, karat gold and metal. Each of 4 types of beads come in various shapes such as round, tube, oval and cube as well as different textures such as smooth, faceted, dotted, twisted and matte finishes.

Gemstone Beads

The largest selection of beads are gemstones, which come in 58 different types of stones ranging from abalone to vesuvianite as well as wood. The most expensive gemstone is the black diamond gemstones worth over $16k per strand.


Pearl beads are available in freshwater, mother pearls and tahitian. Traditionally pearls are thought to be round, however today pearls come in various shapes and sizes than ever before. Grey and green tahitian pearl strands are some of the most expensive pearls available

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